A street advert which uses facial-recognition technology to tell men from women is to be used for the first time.


  The electronic hoarding, to be unveiled on a bus stop in London’s Oxford Street this week, plays a 40-second advertisement – with a different message depending on the gender of who is looking at it.


  Only women will be able to view the full message, which is for a charity promoting female education worldwide. Men will just be directed to its website.


  The advert echoes2002 Tom Cruise thriller Minority Report, in which billboards directly targeted individuals.


  According to the Independent on Sunday it will guess their gender based on the distance between their eyes, the width of their nose and the shape of their jawline.


  A spokesman for the charity, Plan UK, said: ‘We’re not giving men the choice to see the full ad – so they get a glimpseof what it’s like to have basic choices taken away.’


  Privacy campaignerscondemned the advert as ‘creepy’ and experts said it marked a future of personal advertising with ‘no boundaries’.

  一些隱私權維護者譴責這種廣告讓人感覺不安和恐懼, 而另一方面則有廣告專家表示,該廣告的出現標誌著未來個人化廣告的前景“無可限量”。

  As part of the charity's 'Because I Am A Girl' campaign', the advert - which will have a two-week trial - will use a high-definition camera to scan the multitude of shoppers in the busy street.


  The campaign highlightsthat at least 75 million girls around the world are not in school.


  It points out that educated girls are less likely to marry and to have children whilststill children themselves and that they are more likely to be literate, healthy and survive into adulthood.


  Digital marketing consultant Steven Hess added that such technology marked the 'beginning of a shift from essentially dumb advertising to intelligent advertising' and that it meant that in the future there would be 'no boundaries'.

  數位市場諮詢師史蒂文赫斯補充說, 如此創意的技術預示著一點,那就是過去愚蠢的廣告時代向智慧廣告時代轉變的開始,它更意味著未來個人化廣告的前景“無可限量”。

  'This will in turn move people from a life of poverty to a future with opportunity. Everyone has a role to play, including boys and men.'




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